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So yeah.

2013-04-26 19:56:45 by darkblue6676

So apparently that shitty flash I made years ago is still getting viewed by people. I never would've guessed it would've ever reached over 3,000 views. If anyone at all may be curious as to whether or not I'm alive, I'm making this post to let you know that I indeed am. I've just been doing some much needed practicing so I don't embarrass myself further. But to be honest, animation may not be my cup of tea. I've been heavily considering a webcomic series for a long time now, and I'll also probably post some art here once I feel confident enough in it. So until either of those things happen, get used to this post, cause it'll probably be the most recent thing you see from me for a while.


2010-06-02 19:47:36 by darkblue6676

So not much has been going on lately, I didn't expect school and my personal life would get in the way as much as it did, but I won't quit. Drawing has improved but i'm yet to make any animations. I hope that once school ends, I'll have a bit more time to do this stuff. For now, however, not much will be going on.


2009-11-02 17:22:30 by darkblue6676

I've been working with flash a lot lately and now I shall tell you about two of my upcoming projects.


50/50 is about a boy and his friends who protect of balance between heaven and hell with a small group of hunters. The main character (nick) has been chosen to wield the powers of angels and demons, and he must learn to use these powers to protect the balance. despite it's deep story, it's actually a comedy, for the most part...


Jesus fucker is the son of supergod and super virgin, and he lives on awesome mountain. He must stop at nothing to defeat spiderdick, who hates him because he believes that jesus fucker killed his mother. If you haven't guessed by now, this is also a comedy.



2008-07-06 16:05:57 by darkblue6676

i recently submited my first flash, that was supposed to have music, and it didn't. i don't know why, i submited it into a keyframe and played the flash before i submited it, if anyone has any ideas why the music didn't play, please tell me.

also, how do i put in those loading thinies into it?
i'm not too great when it comes to computers.


2008-06-28 18:02:07 by darkblue6676

This is the stupidest question i', ONE of the stupidest questions i'll ever ask. i have got rid of the virus on my computer... i think, and now i have another problem: my flash i can't find out how to put sound in. i went to insert, but sound was not an option. please, all adobe flash cs3 professional tell me what to do. let's say i found a sound at findsound or limewire or whatever tell me exactly each thing i must do after.

REMEMBER: USING THE INSERT IN THE TOOLBAR IS NOT AN OPTION. so don't tell me that's what i have to do.

also, i made an icon and i can't use it on this site because it's .fla and it needs to be .gif so also help me on that please. also, if i still do have a virus, and i submit flash, will you guys get the virus?

almost there

2008-02-23 12:58:36 by darkblue6676

flash will be submited soon i just have a virus right now.
so things are going slow right now but flash is on its way.

so stay tuned for now it will come eventually.

oh, my, god, i've been so busy i forgot that my birthday was like 10 days ago!
i really gotta hurry befor i'm 70! happy 14th birthday to me!_!

feeling better

2008-01-01 21:00:03 by darkblue6676

well since there's no reason to visit my page yet, i still am sure that not many people will read this. the piont is that i'm feeling better and stuff. a big reason i put this hear was becaus i didn't want to keep a christmas post up at newyears time. well yea got flash and hope to make some soon and all that crap so see ya then (if anyone is reading this)

don't forget to tell old poopface that you hate him becaus he makes fun of anyone he can find.

poopface's account

merry christmas

2007-12-26 03:53:55 by darkblue6676

sorry i'm not that happy, i mean hell, i got flash for christmas!! but someone i loved died on chistmas night. i realy shouldn't even say i'm sorry, i bet that only captaindrbob would end up reading this. why? because he's awsome. he realy is a good friend, if he would let me call us friends.i mean it's not like we know eachother outside the internet, but whatever.

point is he's a great guy and the best person to talk to.
so anyway, merry christmas newgrounds. i'll begin to start flash sometime or another.

don't forget to give poopooinatoilet your worst regards for christmas because he's picking on captaindrbob.

here is his account poopface's account

anyone who reads this must help me

2007-12-10 16:08:36 by darkblue6676

there is this gay-ass noob named poopooinatoilet who is picking on a auther named captaindrbob who is actualy the ONLY author who responds to my coments and is pretty good at flash making considering he started in june of 07.

i came across him as i was just browsing and found his mario guy flash, i visited his page and it said " I know what you think" after reading it, i felt bad how these people were being so hard on his flash that he said he was going to stop making mario guy. after that i told him i'd support him and since then, i have. his flash is also improving, but this one fag named, and i'm not making this up, poopooinatoilet is not judging fairly but just insulting him and saying he stole sprites from D-sun.

i have done my best to get this supposidly girl to stop being a fag and get him baned off the site, but i need your help too, do whatever you can to get him out of here. for captaindrbob!!

(if you're going to tell how much you hate poopooinatoilet, you can get to him vai going on this)

poopface's account

(sorry i didn't have the link at first. i was doing it wrong lol)


2007-09-24 16:48:54 by darkblue6676

Hello!! I've just signed on the site and hope to make flash some day... it would suck though XD

wow, this is from september. why don't i change it? oh, right, i'm lazy...... yea.